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    Red face Can you ID this Bianchi?

    Can you ID this Bianchi? Maybe even the production year, too?

    I got an offer of 200 EUR (247 USD) for it. The back tire is flat. Frame definitely looks like it's got some scratches. Logo definitely isn't perfect, but otherwise is looks fine (?). Do you think that's a good price? I see the front derailleur is campy, the back is some Shimano thing and I don't know what the others are.

    Missing my Pista while I'm here in Germany, but would really appreciate your advice as I consider buying this as my commuter. The ride to work has a super big hill!

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    It's Chinese junk......If you look carefully, it has some sort of thumb shifters (that may or may not be indexed) It might be 7 speed, and you don't know if the wheels are straight......$100....$150 tops.
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    i wouldn't call it junk, but $200 might be a little much ... unless you know how to work on bikes and you really need a bike and can't wait for a better deal.
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    Looks like somebody did a really cheap-@$$ conversion from downtube shifters to some sort of cheap town-bike thumb shifters. Makes me wonder what other hack repairs they did! Yeah, they're asking for more than it's probably worth. Try offering the equivalent of $150. Not exactly a great commuter bike, IMHO.
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    I think it's a mid-level late 1980s Bianchi, not exactly junk. I believe the shifters are SunTour Command shifters. They were an early attempt at providing shifters that allowed shifting while out of the saddle sprinting--impossible with downtube shifters. They were high-quality shifters.

    There were always a few racers with those on their bars back when I raced in the early 1990s. They never became very popular and were killed for good by STI. More on the SunTour Command shifters at the link:
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    You are going to invest a lot in this bike. Try to look something else

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