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So Dave -- give us an update.

My wife has been diagnosed with a "frozen shoulder". Her shoulder hurts all the time. She got a cortisone shot, which had no effect. She's been going to physical therapy twice a week. Her therapist told her that frozen shoulder is just some BS a doctor says when they can't figure out what the real problem is.
Real VERY experienced Chiropractor here. Frozen shoulder is not a bullshit diagnosis. It is a very specific type of shoulder disorder that can be over diagnosed. A true frozen shoulder patient won't be able to raise their arm above 90 degrees even with help. It's totally locked. Tough to treat though.

Regarding this thread. Chiropractic is a hugely variable field. It can certainly help with many different types of neuromuscularskeletal conditions. Often times Chiro treatment is the best option there is. But you will get a different type of treatment from each and every Chiro that you go to. I don't recommend you buy "packages" of visits, unless it is for a very reasonable amt and fee. I'm extremely proud of being a Chiropractor everyday. For me, even after >30 yrs I look forward going to work everyday and providing the unique services that I offer.

So you have a bad back. For sure, sometimes Chiropractic is not going to "fix it". But many people have found that this type of treatment is the best that can be found for their particular condition.