Classic Humiliation Bike Wreck Story
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    Classic Humiliation Bike Wreck Story

    I went on a group ride on Saturday and decided to ride the fixed gear since it was a medium paced ride. We rode some nice country roads and then headed into the local town to ride by the water and then climb a nice hill leaving the town.

    As the group rides by the high school I spot my son getting ready to get on the bus with the rest of the high school football team and they are lined up getting ready to throw the water and gear on the bus. The whole team is there.

    I break off from the group and tell them I will meet up with them in a mile or so. I pick a low spot on the curb and climb over it with my hot pink splashed with orange and black fixed gear. Talk with my boy and tell him to give it a 100% as all the football players are staring at me wearing spandex and on the pink bike .

    I say goodbye and jump off the curb not knowing that the first curb hop had caused a pinch flat on my front tire. I apply some juice to the pedals to straighten out and accelerate and my flat front tire slides out and I lay my bike down five yards in front of the bus and the entire High School Football Team. My son is howling, which encourages the others to join in. I meekly grab up the bike ride on the flat a half block to get away and under a tree so I can change my flat in peace and humiliation.
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    Oh, my!

    I hope you were able to laugh.
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