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    Cleat Shims

    My PT recommended I try boosting the height of my left leg and the only cleat shim I can find is the LeWedge by LeMond Fitness - it has proven impossible to find the shim in stock anywhere. I don't actually need the 'wedge' feature, simply a 1/8-1/4 boost in height. Has anybody used these or found an alternative option that's cheaper? $25 for some plastic shims seems a bit pricey . . . looking for a creative suggestion.

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    Go to a place that sells gas powered model airplanes. They have platic wedges designed to put behind the engine so the plane flys straight. They should have a variety of sizes. Otherwise your local hardware or craft store should have plastic sheets of various thicknesses and you can cut out a piece to fit your shoe/cleat.
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    Just get some sheet stock

    Any plastics supply house, and probably your local craft store or hardware store will have something like polyethylene sheet stock in various thicknesses. You can cut it to shape, drill & slot it for the cleat bolts, and you're good to go.

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