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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiQuaeQuod View Post
    Ohhhh, fancy!

    Here is my commute beast, an early 90s cromo mtb, with a rattle can paint job and stick on reflectors:

    Attachment 324271

    (older pic, it ain't that bad out... yet)

    Please note the fancy rear fender. Yep, duct tape and a K-mart fender held down by the pannier strap.

    The only changes would be tires (1.5s and 2.2s depending), and a thumb shifter for the rear to replace the alivio shifter that finally stopped ratcheting. Short commute, sometimes heavy loads, thus the panniers.
    Thats a fabulous ride! Gutsy also... That looks like a slick surface. As davesupra mentioned, Poagies are life changing. Mine are Wolftooth. I have them on the fatty. You can use them in a few different arm lengths. I went from struggling to find a way to make my hands able to ride to wearing a thin North Face glove liner in my wrist high Poagies. I can go well into the 20s like that. If I ride in low single digits I wear a slightly heavier glove.
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    I'm a near every day commuter. My ride is my older Cannondale Synapse. Depending on the office I need to report to it's 6.5 or 9.5 mi one way. I had 28 Contis on it for a while and recently moved to 25 Vittorias and haven't noticed a difference. When there's snow/ice I'll fall back to asking the Mrs. to give me a ride or borrow my parents' truck. But I've slowly built up a fairly decent set of cold weather gear and good lights so I still roll through quite a bit of winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davesupra View Post
    What was the theme of the bike that would have caused them you use that circuit board graphic? I don't see any tie in with the bike brand or model name?
    Who knows? The model was called "Argento Vivo," which an internet translator says means "Quicksilver," aka mercury (the element).

    I don't see any tie-in either.
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    When I had a 11 mile round trip commute, I used my Surly Cross Check. When the office moved and it became a 21 mile commute, I used my KHS Flite 800.

    My commute is now 3 miles in the morning and 24 miles in the evening (Bike > train station in the morning). I was using the KHS but wanted a commuter specific bike. Bought a Vaya and realized I didn't enjoy it much (crashing it didn't help). I now have a GT Grade X with 700x32's. Not nearly as fast an the KHS, but sufficient.

    Both the Surly and KHS had 700x28 Vittoria Randonneurs and I've covered 3k miles with each.

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