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    custom bicycle handlebar tape source?

    can someone please recommend some custom handlebar tape suppliers? I'd like a good quality bar tape without breaking the bank (i.e. gel / padded). I don't mind going directly to the source (china/taiwan) for quotes. Will probably need about 30 or more pairs of tape. I don't even know where to start. I'm looking on eBay/AliExpress now to see if I can find anyone who does that. Pricing is of course very important and I understand ordering in volume = cheaper pricing. This is more of a "want" item for my team than a need. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Stay safe, rubber side up peeps.
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    Can't really help but I know of a club that has their logo on bar tape so I can at least confirm what you want is possible. I probably won't be seeing any of them for a few months but if I happen to run into anyone I'll try to remember to ask where they got it and update this thread.

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    It can be done locally.

    Most book binding/repair shops are capable of doing this. All it requires is a hot stamping machine like a Kwikprint.

    A custom magnesium die will need to be made for the order, from a company such as the Augustine company.
    use a torque wrench

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