Cycleops Pro 300 PT on Zwift
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    Cycleops Pro 300 PT on Zwift

    I have a Cycleops Pro 300 PT training bike like the one pictured below. Is there a way I could use this bike on an app like Zwift? I know there would be downsides in some things like not actually having gears to change, but is it even possible?


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    There may be a couple ways to go about it... ultimately you need sensors on the bike that Zwift can detect.

    If you want to go full-on-crazy, here is a web article about integrating ANT+ into the bike:

    A more simple way to do it would be to add a cadence sensor to the cranks and a speed sensor to the wheel... some conversion calculations may be necessary to estimate the proper wheel size to input. Zwift works best when you have power data, but even if you just have speed/cadence/HR you can use it.

    I know the bike has a power meter, but if it can't transmit the data with ANT+ already, you may have to do the crazy thing in the web article for power in Zwift.

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