CycleOps Trainer Behaving Strangely! Any Suggestions?
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    CycleOps Trainer Behaving Strangely! Any Suggestions?

    I've already tried googling my issue, but no hits. I'm noticing that when on my CycleOps Fluid Pro2 (now about 6-7 years old), it'll make the typical loud spinning "whirring" noise and then about 20-30 mins in, it goes dead silent. I mean whisper quiet with nothing. The feel of the trainer remains unchanged, so one cannot feel any change, but the silence took me by surprise. Then, it'll go back to being loud again. Sometimes, it'll switch between regular and silent a few times on a typical workout ride. I like it, but it's not normal/typical of my trainer. Is it on the way out? Is there something failing mechanically? I appreciate any insight from other owners or experts!

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    might be thermal load through internal hydraulics?

    Slap in some ear buds or crank up the AV on the telly. Kudos for being on the trainer.

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    Sounds like a bearing or a seal is going. Early Cyclops fluid trainers had problems with the seal leaking; they essentially have a fan blade in a bath of fluid spinning at high rpm's. All the prevents the fluid from leaking out is a tight seal.

    Kurt Kinetic has a foolproof design; the fan blade and the fluid are in a sealed chamber. Magnets engage the fan; there's no direct connection to the fan so they're leakproof.

    There are a couple Kurt Road Machines available on craigslist in the DC area at very good prices. Worth considering.

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    Thanks guys- No obvious signs of anything leaking or a damaged seal, but it's entirely possible.

    Since it's still functional (no noticeable change in the feel, ride, resistance), is there any rush to replace? I assume not, unless you all tell me otherwise. Going to get on Zwift now and do a few dozen miles and see how it goes. Thanks again!

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