Cycling in Switzerland

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  • 08-13-2019
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    Cycling in Switzerland
    Switzerland might not have those 'iconic' Tour and Giro climbs but the scenery is without a doubt the most beautiful. More than France or Italy or Spain a cycling trip of Switzerland is definitely a bucket list item. The Albula and Furka pass are drop dead gorgeous. The Grosse Scheideg is an amazing loop, perhaps one of the most under-rated out there. There's a climb I have not done that I want to go back for the Col du Sanetsch which is a one way climb. After climbing which involves going through a tunnel for part of the way you descend via cable car with your bike hooked to the outside of the cable car. I just spent an amazing week there. Switzerland is almost like four countries rolled in one with a German, Italian , French and Romansh speaking section.