Effect of saddle fore/aft on saddle height?
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    Effect of saddle fore/aft on saddle height?

    Well, last week, we established that it's all about FIT, thanks to the Politics Only crew. So here's my FIT question for the week. (Serious question, really.)

    Had a professional fit session a while back. Generally a good experience. But I let the fitter talk me into setting the saddle fore/aft at an exactly KOPS position, even though I have always, on every bike I've had, ended up with it 1-2 cm behind neutral.

    The neutral position feels okay, but I want to experiment with a couple of different positions to do some A/B type testing. But it seems that if I move the saddle back 1 or 2 cm, then I need to adjust accordingly on the saddle height to end up with the same leg extension at the bottom of the pedal stroke. Is that correct? If so, how much do I need to adjust for every cm I move the saddle back, assuming a 73 deg. STA?

    And, C-40, if you're going to start slinging sines and cosines at me, please speak slowly and use very small words. I slept through math in college. (However, I have learned to identify many of the fancy buttons on my really cool calculator.)

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    It depends on saddle height, but you need to lower your saddle about 3mm for every 1 cm you move the saddle back.

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    another method...

    Pick a location along the lower edge of you saddle, near the centerline of the seat post. Measure diagonally from the center of the BB to this mark, before moving the saddle, then move the saddle back and then down to restore the diagonal measurement. It should be about 3mm lower for every 1cm back, as others noted.

    I started using this method becasue I have two bikes with quite different STAs and measuring the height along the center of the seat tube would give different results on the tow bikes. I set the fore/aft position first, then make sure the measurement form the BB to the lower edge of the saddle is the same on both bikes. Of course you have to use the same model of saddle on both bikes.

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