Elite Direto smart trainer: Beeping constantly
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    Elite Direto smart trainer: Beeping constantly

    Hi, Have been away from cycling and forums for almost 8 years. Began cycling intensely again 3 years ago and love it!

    Bought a Direto smart trainer late January, for winter training indoors. Unfortunately I have the "loud, intrusive, beeping step-motor version" of the Direto, vs the "quiet version".
    Seems it's the luck of the draw as per which version one receives.

    Besides the ever-present, annoying motor noise and its typical 10-20 second lags with adjusting power levels in ERG mode workouts, its power numbers seem valid and reliable and the trainer itself feels solid

    Q/ Anyone else here who also has the Direto "loud version"?
    If so, has Elite exchanged your noisy unit for a quiet one?
    (Buyer beware - they refused to exchange my noisy Direto).

    Apparently it's due to continuous adjustments of the stepper-motor design used and the loud stepper motor version.

    I can (and do) obviously drown out the constant annoying beeping by turning up the headphone or speaker volume significantly - but don't care to continuously blast my ears with extra sound volume.

    Mine is even louder than the one in the video in this thread from another forum:
    Elite direto beeping noise - Training Hardware - Timetrialling Forum

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    Here's another demonstration of a beeping Direto


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    USA Elite warranty contact

    They were helpful and fast to help me with a broken belt still under warranty.
    I don't know how they will deal with your noise thing.

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    Mine does that, I assume it's normal. Pretty sure it's just the resistance constantly changing. I can't hear it over my fan and whatever I'm watching on TV.

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