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Riding out the Schuylkill River Trail, as I'm wont to do countless times... after a thunderstorm had knocked down branches and even some telephone/cable lines, I came upon a scene of various debris in the trail. A sad, cluttered tableau, as it were.

A woman who was riding slowly around the obstacles while clipped in, fell and deftly rolled over flat on her back with her bike still attached to her feet, completely upside down, but otherwise displaying great form.

I asked if she needed help... at which point I kind of stopped moving while still being clipped in.

I had just finished the last word "Do you need help?" as I made contact with the ground, still clipped in on both sides. "Do you need Hel... *splat* help?"

She said "No" by the way.

I don't recall if she asked me if I needed help.
She might not asked if you needed help, but luckily she was in no position to laugh at you.