• 12-13-2018

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    So let me get this straight. You start an argument based on incomplete anecdotes. You won't name the manufacterer because you claim that information is irrelevant. That's like someone saying "I heard some reliable information, but I won't reveal my source." I ask again, what are you hiding and why the secrecy? Something smells here. No, I won't give it a rest because it IS relevant to this discussion.

    And no, I don't have infinite money to throw at parts or bikes for that matter. But going for the lowest common denominator isn't always prudent. There is a saying that goes "Buy cheap, buy twice". So you didn't save a whole lot of money with those seatposts, did you?

    And no, I never said you won't have bad name brand products. But a known reputable brand has more to lose if they turn out a dangerous product.

    Gotta wonder why it was 11spd and factory feel that got the vacation.
  • 12-13-2018

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    Gotta wonder why it was 11spd and factory feel that got the vacation.

    This is funny. Well for one thing, I'm not trolling or insulting anybody. I'm asking legitimate questions.
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    Not all of us less sane than you forum members Lombard have infinite money to throw at parts, which in my case can get quite expensive given the large stable of heavily used bikes to keep going in good workable order. After all, I have to spend much of my income on sanity meds and padded cells.


    "you must spread some reputation around before giving it to rhankey again."
  • 12-20-2018
    hummina shadeeba
    not only some say the 50mm post is suspect due to coming from china, or unbranded, having too low a price, too much leverage from so far back...it also requires setting the post like a foot high of the seat collar to clear the bladed top part. I bet half the people who bought it cant get it to fit.

    this one I'll give you for 30$ delivered by hand to a place of your choice in san Francisco.


    this other post I have...why they dont sell it with a thumb screw or something instead of an impossible to get to hidden bolt.... so everyone has a creaky saddle unless they get the part themselves. Or worse maybe it will break.