First experience with "metrics" and new tech.
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    First experience with "metrics" and new tech.

    I am riding a new Giant Defy, which came with a power meter. I now have a Garmin 1030, and am seeing power readings for the first time. It will be interesting to see this information, and try to use it for training.

    I also have set this bike up with rear radar (Garmin Varia). I have to say, I am very impressed so far at how well this works. I ride in rural areas, so traffic is not too heavy. It seems to pick up approaching vehicles very nicely (including multiple "threats"), and provide some comfort in knowing what is lurking behind.

    It is also my first exposure to electronic shifting (Shimano Ultegra Di2) and carbon wheels. I can't believe how nice the shifting operates. The wheels are a bit deeper than anything I have ridden so far, and I could feel the bike getting pushed around a little with a stiff crosswind.

    Looking forward to the next riding season, and how much the data will help. I need to integrate the Garmin unit with Strava. Lots of reading and You Tubbing to do.

    For those who are thinking about rear radar, I would say give it a try.

    Jim D

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    Does your bicycle look like an ICU patient when charging up? I guess soon we will get a wireless charging platform / stand that you park your bike on... I ironically should patent such a standard but I'm way too disgusted to do it.
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    In all honesty, it DOES look like an ICU patient when "plugged in"!!

    Jim D

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    Enjoy the new swag, power can change you you train--if you use it. With many analytics, they can be insightful if you use them.
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    I definitely have a power station my bike sits on for the night, after each ride.

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