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    former pro team bikes and mechanics

    I have recently bought a former pro team road frame and a couple of friends have bought ex pro TT bikes that I am working on for them. In every case, odd things are wrong or missing, cable fittings, BB washers, adjustments, etc. All are in good shape, it will just take some sorting out to be road worthy again after calls to shops and mail orders to get small pieces. Is this normal? Do even spare bikes get stripped of parts and not repaired or what. I always make sure that my bikes are always ready to go after checking the tires but I guess that is not the way pro teams operate. I raced for a long term in the lower categories so I know racing is hard on bikes but I am surprised that the bikes weren't better taken care of or more race ready.

    Based on tag lines and screen names, I'm guesing that some of you could have some good info. thanks

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    Obviously it depends, especially here in the states where there are very few teams that have dedicated 100% full time mechanics. Ideally the bikes would all get refreshed and made ready for sale at the end of the season but it doesn't always happen that way.
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    Often times at the end of the season the bikes are given to racers or mechanics. They then flick them on for usable cash. Not much point in spending cash on small parts on a bike they want to turn over quickly. They wouldn't get their money back on a quick sale.
    Canyon sell theirs from the company and they are checked prior to sale.

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