Dear Lennard,
Iím long-legged, with long femurs and big feet. My feet and knees prefer my cleats in a center foot position. Needless to say, I struggle with toe overlap. My question is this: If I keep the trail constant, but increase room for my toes by lowering my headtube angle and increasing my fork rake, will the bike feel the same?

For example, my current front end has a 73.5-degree headtube angle with 45mm fork offset, and a 28mm/700c tire for a trail of 54.7mm. If I were to build a frame with a 72.5 head angle and 51mm fork offset and a 28mm/700c tire, the trail remains 54.7mm, but I gain toe room through both the slacker head angle and increased fork offset. Would the handling feel consistent due to the constant trail or would the longer wheelbase result in a substantially less responsive/more stable feel?
As ever, thank you for sharing your wisdom.
ó Zach

Dear Zach,
To get those numbers, it looks like you are using a tire diameter of 686.21mm. Using that, I get that the front-wheel flop goes from 14.9mm in the first example to 15.7mm in the second. The greater the wheel flop, the greater the self-righting capability of the bike and hence the higher stability at medium and high speed and the more squirreliness/weaving at low speeds. Thatís what you can expect with those changes to rake and head angle.
― Lennard