frame for a single-speed?
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    Question frame for a single-speed?

    Does a single-speeder's frame differs in any way from an ordinary road bike with mulitple gears?

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    Some will say that geometry can vary, but the only real difference between a multi-speed and a ss/fixie is that the rear dropouts are horizontal instead of vertical. this is what allows you to adjust the chain tension moving the wheel backwards or forwards since the ir no derailer to take up the slack, while a normal speed bike has vertcal "slot in" dropouts which make alignement MUCH easier, but dont allow the wheel to move backwards or forwards relative to the frame. Hope this is heplful
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    Whether your building a fixed gear(the cranks always turn, you cannot freewheel) or a single speed(uses a BMX freewheel. it allows you to coast), keeping the chain tight is most important. There are many ways to keep the chain tight but the easiest method is to use a bike with horizontal dropouts. Horizontal dropouts allow you to slide the rear wheel back to get good chain tension.

    Most older steel frames used horizontal dropouts. That is why you see so many converted to fixed/SS.

    There are other ways of getting chain tension but first you need to decide on whether you what a fixed or SS and how you're going to use the bike.

    Here is more reading on the subject:
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    Some track frames will not have brake mounts either. If you want to use brakes on your fixie, make sure you get a frame with brake mounts.

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