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    Cool Gadgets


    I'm totally new to this forum, and couldn't really find anywhere else to post this Looking for some good gadgets out there to help me secure my bike, and thought this was the best place to look. I've seen a few remote alarms, a couple of GPS trackers etc. but not sure what to go for. Any recommendations out there?

    And if I posted this in the wrong place, tell me where to post it, and IŽll move it over there

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    As you have already said, remote alarms and locks are good options and easily available to secure your bike from theft.

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    The downside of "gadgets" is that they are taken for granted and do not replace a high quality mechanical lock. But they are nice supplement to security.
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    The most secure bicycle is the one that is unknown and/or inaccessible to a thief.

    Bottom line, nothing will guarantee safety/recovery from a determined perp. Granted, not everyone will have the resources to have a 24-7/365 personal detachment of heavily armed ex Rangers to keep an eye on things, your security needs should reflect location, use willingness to absorb the loss.

    Indeed, earlier this year, I had a LOCKED Café bike stolen off my front porch during a thunder storm. Someone had planned the theft as instead of cutting the hefty lock, they hacked through the softer metal of the outside grill to which it was "secured".

    While recovery via some type of tracker and/or sn# is possible, depending on the bike and Police infrastructure (being available to track bike at the time your phone app is ringing of the proverbial wall) I wouldn't count on it (my bike was relatively unique yet no signs of it through normal police channels).

    Assess your risks/rewards for your situation (they vary widely depending on whether you need to constantly lock a bike outside or have an abandoned missile silo to hide it).

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