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    Quote Originally Posted by masont View Post
    This is definitely a true statement you totally didn't just make up.

    In Europe e-bike selling at ~1 to 1 with conventional bikes. In addition to the segments of the cycling fraternity, no vehicle license, no vehicle insurance, no vehicle MOT inspection, and no fueling making e-bikes attractive to the moped crowd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by masont View Post
    This is definitely a true statement you totally didn't just make up.
    That sounds snarky to me, maybe I’m reading you wrong? Traffic in last two times I saw one was going 50ish on state highways. These mopeds were being passed easily on the shoulders but they were not being blown by like a cyclist would be... Maybe my speed estimates are questionable, what do I know, I didn’t hit them with a radar gun. But they were hauling. And they were not being used as a bicycle at all. I’m not anti e-bike, I just see this segment as where they will make the most money. Until recently I hadn’t seen any... We have a lot of lower wage workers locally that you see riding bicycles, and these seem to be folks moving to mopeds. At least on the tiny sample I have been exposed to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnrussel View Post
    No doubt, e-bikes has become a better choice over regular bikes as they are eco-friendly
    Eco-friendly over a traditional bicycle? Are you taking into account the pollution and raw materials involved in the manufacture of the motor, battery and other internal components...not to mention how to dispose of the battery after it's beyond its useful life?

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    I could beat that bike, the fight starts @ mile 16.

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    I don't buy this working at all. Electric cars like Tesla lose about 33% in the regen phase alone nevermind the discharge losses, and that's for a 4000 lb vehicle. A bike has less momentum to work with so friction losses have to be factored in more before the other losses. Anyone that's tried to power anything with a bike knows that as soon as there is a significant current generated the pedaling becomes pretty laborious. You'll be lucky to charge your phone never mind a 160 watt hour battery.
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