Germany Riding: Good idea?
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    Germany Riding: Good idea?

    I'm landing in Frankfurt on Sunday morning, and I've got the idea in my head that I can rent a bike and ride the 100+km down to Karlsruhe instead of driving in a nice air-conditioned Mercedes.

    Facts to consider:

    - All the German I know I learned on Hogan's Heros.
    - I've got a buddy with a car and a cell phone in the area to save my ass if I don't make it.


    - Stupid?
    - Never make it?
    - Should I just sit in a bar pounding giant steins of beer and watch Lance on the Champs e'Lysses?
    - Know where I can get maps?

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    There are so many Americans in the area around Frankfurt, you can easily get away without knowing any German.

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    Not sure I'd show up there with a Trek and wearing US Postal garb. ;-)

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    Cyclists who have been to Germany tell me the roads and drivers are much more bicycle-friendly than in Italy. As long as you don't go looking for trouble in redneck bars, you should be fine.

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    Is great plan, but

    Is great plan, but how will it help us catch moose and squirrel? (Sorry, from another joke).

    The riding in Germany is great, and your ride from Frankfurt to Karlsruhe should be fine if you can scout a route away from town. The challenge will be renting a bike. Since "everyone" in Germany owns a bike, you'll be challenged to find a shop that would rent something you might find suitable. This is where your efforts should be focused. You won't have much problem with the language, as there are many bilingual folks, but you'll at least want to have some lines on bikes before you ever show up, or it could take some time to sort things out, especially if you want to do a "one-way" rental.

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