I'm looking to get my first new road bike after riding mountain bikes for years. I've narrowed it down to either the Giant OCR-1, Giant OCR-2 or Felt F80. My pocketbook's hurting a bit, so $1K is about my limit.

I'll be using the bike for recreational riding (30+ miles an outing), with the occasional triathlon (I started competiting in 2003 as a workout goal) and century ride. I'm a bigger guy, 6'3" and 260#, down from 300 in Sept 03. My goal is to drop another 20 to 30 #'s, but I'd like a bike that can handle me now.

I found the 2004 OCR-1 for $930 out the door and Felt F80 for about $880 total. If both bikes feel similar, which is the best buy?