Hey Forum, it’s been a while – a very long while. Been off the bike for a long while, too. Some of you guys, like me, with way more years behind than in front, might relate to this.

The Doc says the Tri’s are way too high. “Take these from now on and lose 20 lbs”. “Get back on the bike”. “Salads instead of burgers”. “Oatmeal instead of pancakes”. “Nuts instead of pie”. (Damn). “V8 instead of beer”. (Wait a minute. There are lines I won’t cross. So, there will always be a Little Sumpin Sumpin in the fridge, and a bottle opener on my keychain). Anyway, I’m back on the bike and eating better. As I get back into the ride, and shamelessly work to maintain 16 mph, my mind wonders back to certain impactful ride moments from years ago. I thought I’d submit this memory to you. I hope you enjoy.

Liberty Road
I turn directly East on Liberty Road.
Slightly down hill, in parts, and usually with a helping wind, this can be a fast 6.5 mile segment.
The Delta Breeze is a "wind" this day, so it should be fun.
The F250s with boats and trailers are going way too fast on their way to the lake.
And I have almost no shoulder.
But I’ll claim the line and keep it clean. No worries.
By “No worries” I mean “Holy Crap! I hope nobody clips me with their tow mirror”.
A mile or two in, a Red Tail swoops in from somewhere on the right and paces me at eye level, ten feet away, just beyond the fence line.
Seems like 15 seconds, but I’m sure it’s only a few, before it tweaks its head a bit, then peels off, up and to the right, as if flicking me through.
(Did that just happen)?
A section of friendly grade and wind allow me to ramp up and hold 30mph for a short time.
I don’t get to be in that space often. Nice.
I’m at speed, but with the wind at my back, there is no sound except wheels faintly ringing and the scrubbing of tires.
I smile, and think how appropriate the name of the road is at this moment.
The road flattens, and I turn sharply Southwest on to 88.
Even more traffic now, but I have a huge shoulder this time.
Slightly up hill, and the wind hurting, hitting me over the right eye.
Like now, the teens are suddenly all I can manage, but it’s OK.

Thanks for reading.