Giro Ionos Gender Specific?
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    Giro Ionos Gender Specific?

    So I was this close to buying a Giro Atmos, but I just saw the 2010 Women's Ionos in Pink/Black online and decided I really like the way it looks with my team kit (and we all know fashion is a huge part of collegiate cycling).

    The thing is, I'm a dude. I can't seem to find wether or not the Ionos is gender specific. The sizes listed everywhere I've found it are the same, but the box says Women's. I haven't been able to find this particular model in a store so I have no way of trying one out. The Large Atmos fits my head PERFECTLY, so I'm hoping the fit is the same...

    Can anyone help me out?
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    Gender specific is marketing hype in most cases. In terms of helmets, the only thing gender specific about it is the colors. The construction of the helmet is the same regardless of the sex. So if the color works with your team kit & the helmet fits, then buy it.

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    I have a friend who recently bought a Giro Atmos in a color and pattern never seen before, but it was a lady's color. It was on sale and he likes the color so he bought it

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    Helmet gender

    Quote Originally Posted by gamara
    In terms of helmets, the only thing gender specific about it is the colors.
    What about the pony tail slot?

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    I bought the Ionos because a medium fit me, but in the atmos it seemed like a large fit me, but I looked like a bobble head; so it could be designed for women; assuming men have bigger heads than women.
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