Good ventilated helmet, preferable Giro
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    Good ventilated helmet, preferable Giro

    Could someone chime in recommending a good ventilated helmet for road cycling.
    I have been using a Ionos Large which fitted a little loose on my 58cm head. Recently bought a replica Aeon from AliExpress which the quality looks fine, but i'm paranoid that it will sustain and not crack into pieces in case of an accident.

    I would like to not spend a fortune on a helmet, but I do appreciate good ventilation when riding 100+ km rides, I was considering the Foray or the Savant, are those good choices, and how do they compare in ventilation against the Aeron/Synthe/Aether.

    P.S. Tried the Aether and love the design, but it's way too pricey.


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    I switched from Giro Ionos to Catlike Whisper Plus and never looked back. The fit, comfort, and ventilation is simply better than Giro for me.

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    I've never used the Whisper but the Mixino has incredible ventilation. That and the Whisper are pricey but good sales can be found.

    And although hard to be certain about marketing vs reality I think the Catlike helmets have really good protection as opposed to being light and good ventilation because there's nothing substantial there.

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    Looks like the Grio Cinder (basically a cheaper Synthe) is being fazed out for something called the Agilis. Both are listed on their site for $90, so worth a look IMO.

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    POC Octal is good alternative with great ventilation, made the switch about 2 years ago and never looked back. You can pick them up on sale for about buck twenty-five.
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    The Giro Foray is my only helmet. First rate.

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    Aeon and Synthe have great ventilation, the Aeon is the better of the two in my experience, but not hugely.

    As far as Giro helmets go, if you are shopping on line, not all of their helmets fit the same. The Aeon and Synthe fit similarly but I've tried some that didn't fit my head right.

    On Price, wait for Black Friday sales and scoop up a good deal. I've bought most of my helmets about half price on sale.
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