• 04-29-2004
    Guaranteed good laugh...scam story
    I received a few scam contacts on a Davidson frame and fork I have for sale on some internet websites. This exchange was probably the funniest of them. Please notice how his name changes and how he never misses a beat on wanting the bike even as the condition goes down and the price goes up!:
    According to information provided by the Seattle, Washington bike shop that handles the Davidson line, this is a pre-1987 Davidson Impulse. It is built with Tange Prestige tubing and Takahashi investment cast lugs, and a frame like this today would cost $1650 without the headset or derailleur. $375 professionally packed and shipped insured UPS Ground Service the lower 48 states. Pictures available on request.
    I was searching for Frame, when i came across yours. well my name
    is Mr Penny i am bussiness man that deals with items of so many kinds.I
    also help my client over there in the USA to do their buying and also help
    with their shipping. I will like to know the present condition and also i will like to know if you will accept a Usa cheque as a mode of payment. Please let me
    know the final price and if possible provide with the condition, and your
    phone number is also needed and i will want you send me the pics if
    possible. please i will want you to respond as soon as
    possible.urgent response needed.
    Mr Penny.
    The frame is really bent up and rusted after it was backed over by a
    rental truck at a race, but if you are still interested I would sell it for
    Once again, I thank you for your reply towards my enquiry to :Frame
    from you. Indeed, I want to buy the Frame and would like to inform you once
    again that the mode of payment is going to be by cheque. This check will be
    sent to you by my client who lives in the U.S and he is oweing me some amount of Dollars which is($3,500)so I decided to use the money to buy the said Frame from you. So as soon as you get the check you are to deduct your selling price and forward the remaining excess fund to the Store. You may wonder why did I not receive this check directly from my client. yes, I could have receive it directly from my client but for the fact that it will take 30-32 days to clear in the bank here in Spain,So decided to use to buy the said item from you. To make this payment available to you, I ill need the following information from your Full Name,Address and mobile phone.
    Asper the Shippment,my shipping agent will come down to you for the
    pick-up and some other necessary arrangement tp be done.
    Thanks, I didn't intend this to be an auction, but there has been much interest in this frame! I have an offer of $2000 for the bike because the buyer said since the bike was rolled over by the truck it will be more aerodynamic and faster so he is willing to pay more for it. He also said since it was broken in two by the force of the truck he will pay twice the shipping, which is an additional $500. That makes the bike and shipping a total of $2500, which he is going to send me more because someone owes him money or something and I will send him the overpayment either by Western Union or a US cashier's check. Do you think this would be a good deal for me?
    Thanks for your mail, i just want you to know that am much interested in
    buying the Frame and bike which is $2,500 with the $500 for the shipping and
    i will make an offer for it for $2,800 for it. Hope to hear from you soonest, and awaiting for your full informationwhich my client will send you the check for the payment of the bike and frame.
    Mr Johnson.
    Sorry, but it sold for $15000.
  • 04-29-2004
    Had to be fun playing with this guy. I wonder how long he would let you string him along?
  • 04-29-2004
    Those scammers help pass the time at work like nothing else!
    After I string them along, I always send them to my "escrow" site at (do NOT click the link) http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/you.html

    It is a browser repeater and keeps going to about 100.

    Oh, I also give them the address/name/info of the previous scam artist who emailed me. Turn them on each other.
  • 04-29-2004
    Where do you guess he's really from? Spain?
  • 04-30-2004
    I reckon so...
    I am Spanish, and although he has a MUCH better english than the average spanish Citizen, he makes some mistakes which give him away, the biggest one being "much interested" coming from "muy interesado".
    But c'mon, you really gotta be stupid to let someone fool you around like that... 500 for shipping? snapped frame? no matter how stupid you are, i think its rather hard to fall for sth like that... Then again i'm not too sympathetic towards my compatriots...
  • 04-30-2004
    OK, He uses the names "Johnson" and "Mr Penny", neither of which sound very "spanish" to me. The expression "i am bussiness man that deals with items of so many kinds" doesn't sound like a spanish-speaking person's way of talking, since a closer translation from spanish would likely be " I am a businessman that deals with many types of items". Spaniards are much more minimalistic with their words. Notice, also, that he uses the "queen's english" spelling "cheque". Sure sounds like some african who learned english from old british texts and from listening to the BBC.
  • 04-30-2004
  • 04-30-2004
    A great majority of these scams originate from internet cafés in Nigeria. English names, along with European locations are used to gain credibility. The English language taught in most of Africa is the 'King's English'.
  • 04-30-2004
    Too funny. This was posted a while back. Its a bit tiresome, but hysterical. Just skim over it. http://www.wendywillcox.50megs.com/