Have you even been bitten by a dog while riding?

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    Have you even been bitten by a dog while riding?

    I have certainly been chased/bothered as I'm sure everyone who has ridden any length of time has, but have you ever actually been bitten by mans best friend while riding?

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    How about adding one more question to include: not bitten but attacked/close call? Would be interesting and I predict it will be near 90% or more.

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    I haven't been bitten by one but one little maltese terrier once copped nice kick in the head courtesy of my Shimano SPD shoes. I absolutely hate, loathe and detest those pathetic little canines who for no particular reason start barking like the rabid little turds they are. .
    I was riding along one day when out of nowhere out came this rabid little mutt barking ferociously and aiming for my calves. I nearly lost my balance but managed to regain it. I unclipped and within seconds this dog was given an SPD kiss. Needless to say it subdued the belligerent creature.

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    No, I've never been bitten (yet), but I have come pretty close. If I know they are around, or see them coming I jam on the brakes and yell obsenities at the little bas*****. My biggest fear is riding at night where I can't see them coming. They're like torpedoes. You'll never know it, until BAM!! , you're hit. Sucks don't it?

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    Yes. Australian shepard bit me while riding my mtn bike on dirt roads near home. Got me right in front of her owner who was standing in the driveway calling her. Still have a scar the size of a 50 cent piece on my right calf, and that was through tights!
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    yes, british bulldog. i had ridden by this same dog some 700+ plus times before. then one winter day, out of nowhere, and of course on a slight rise..... this jerk dog latches onto my calf. so while trying to stay upright i start punching him in the head. then he lets go, but his teeth get stuck in my tights....still have the bite marks some ten years later...

    but at least i didn't fall off the bike.

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    Yes, and also in front of the property of the owner who was outside at the time. Fortunately it was winter and I was wearing booties so my skin didn't get broken. I got off and backed the bugger back to the driveway (in the country so it was a fair distance) and then yelled to the owner if that mutt ever came after me again I was going to get my shotgun and come back and blow his *^*%*^%*^ head off (I didn't clarify whose head), Never saw the dog out again.

    Also narrowly avoided a bite another time on a hill by swerving into him with my rear wheel and clipping an ear with the spokes. I had run out of options and couldn't think of anything else to do but try to hook him into the ditch; the ear was a bonus.

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    Yep, Pit Bull, 5 stitches in left leg, dog no longer a problem.

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    how about rephrasing the question such as how many of you have ever been bitten by a dog period. Followed by a breakdown of times walked past, times jogged past, times run (sprint) past. For those chased down by fido, I'm sorry to hear it. The owners are irresponsible barring a few houdini dogs that got out despite the owners efforts.

    I've seen a few posts regarding dogs on this and other boards lately. Why are cyclists so sensitive to the subject? Get a set and deal with it. It happens just like muggings, car accidents (car hitting bikes/cutting off), and other unfortunate crap. Just protect yourself and have fun ridding.

    I ride and own dogs, and have only been bitten off the bike (5 plus times). I have been chased a few times though, and almost got sidewinded by a deer once at night( upstate NY).

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    From all cyclists

    except you. Stay out of the [email protected]^#!*m bike lanes !!!!
    Run with the f-ing traffic!!!

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    I've had by far more problems with humans than dogs.

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    Not yet!!

    Haven't been biten by a dog but sure have been chased by some. I'm sure its only a matter of time before one latches on. Until then I'll keep squirting them with my water bottle, its worked so far!!

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    A dog has bitten a hole in one of my socks.

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    Yes. In the 1970's while riding to back to my apartment after class at UCSB, an especially sharp-toothed German Shepherd bit right through the leg of my jeans and opened up a little wound. The med center said the wound wasn't deep enough to require a rabies watch. But they did give me a tetanaus shot. Later, in the 1980's, a dog ran out onto the street and knocked me over. I sued the homeowner. I got a large enough settlement to afford a vacation to Great Britain. By the same token, though, I still suffer odd neck problems from the fall.
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