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    Help! Blocked shifting holes

    I recently acquired a Wilier Cento1 SR frameset from a mate who had been using Di2 for a couple of years.

    Me being a bit old school, I tried to install mechanical Dura Ace but could not thread the front shifting cable through the hole in the bottom bracket. I tried to pry inside with the tip of the cable and it would bring out dirt. After 20 minutes, this didn't really improve.

    The original owner told me he had never paid any attention to that hole so he wasn't much help (still thankful he gave me a great deal on this).

    Anybody has a good solution to this?

    SHould I go find a really long nail and keep drilling away?

    Should I drip some WD40/lube/acetone/vinegar/alcohol/beer and wait overnight?

    Thanks a lot in advance. I know this forum is super resourceful, so fingers crossed.

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    'brifter' is a lame word.
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    You could feed a thin sewing thread through the inlet then hook up a vacuum cleaner at the other end. This might not work if the holes are very small. Sometimes putting a very light piece of fluff on the string helps.

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    You could soak the bottom bracket in a small plastic tub of vinegar over night.
    We would need pictures to see precisely what holes you are trying to open up and their point of entry.

    A tip is...I have been building everything since I was small is the same tip I can give you about detailing show cars and motorcycles. Always start with 'least invasive' measures first. That means no drill bits.

    I would start with soaking the BB over night in a small tub and then use 'compressed air'...about 100 psi though you may not have access to a compressor.

    If you post pictures, more options maybe apparent.

    Shouldn't be a big deal to free the holes without fowling them.

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