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    Quote Originally Posted by fatstratblond View Post
    I just developed a grape size External Hemorrhoid on monday afternoon, Do not know what caused it, called the doc on tuesday got in to see her today, Wed, she said there is new treatment we can do right now, because we caught it early, she explained, and the procedure is, and was, Freeze with nitrogen poke it, that part hurt, and let the blood drain and she squeezed it as well, she put on some gause for the ride home so it would continue to drain. when I left it was less than 1/2 the size when I got home it was 1/3, and alot of blood, now I am soaking in epsom salts I hope this take care of it.
    I developed a pea sized hemorrhoid about 4 days ago, been using Preparation H since then. Been using combination of moist flushable wipes for couple years now, being hairy can have it's drawbacks and toilet paper at work is like sandpaper, cheap building owners). Never heard of that treatment, but sounds interesting. I occasionally do epsom salt soaking baths for muscle soreness, was wondering if it might help roids?

    Quote Originally Posted by tyro View Post
    So, how long do these things take to go away?

    Quote Originally Posted by tyro View Post
    ...The doc told me today that if I would have come in to him that day, they could have cleared it up for good. Well, I tried to make an appointment but they couldn't see me for 5 days. Thanks for the advice doc, but you might want to tell the schedulers to put a "rush on the 'roids".

    The whole experience has given me newfound respect for the guy in the Prep H TV ads.
    Agree, doctor is difficult to get in same day, they should work shifts like other jobs so that normal day workers can get appointments easier.

    Yep, the pain was very bad, but better after couple days of Prep H use.

    Quote Originally Posted by GetFitwithMonica View Post
    Hi Chris, I know it is hard to share a story about hemorrhoids! However, I think this is something worth mentioning to people who bike regularly and do a lot of intense biking where they are straining their muscles in the pelvic floor area. One of things that happen when you ride intensely is bearing down on the pelvic floor muscles. After doing this repeatedly for years, hemorrhoids may appear. Of course it goes without saying that you should have a good, fiber rich diet to prevent bearing down when you are on the toilet. However, it is hard not to do this when you are climbing a steep grade on a mountain!

    Here is one preventative measure you can take: do kegels. You can look up how to do these on the internet (but think of how it feels to try and restrain a bowel movement and you get the picture). Look for "kegels for men" They are primarily directed toward women because the pelvic floor muscles can be weakened during childbirth. However, they can also be done by men. Also, practice your kegels at times when you would normally "bear down" on the anus

    If you get in the habit of several times a day practicing this kegel during what would normally be a "bearing down" on the pelvic floor muscles, you will begin to strengthen this muscle group. START NOW! Because the older you get, the weaker these muscles get!!
    Just looked that up and looks like beneficial exercise for everyone, thanks! I usually bicycle 3-4 days per week, free weights and core exercises about same or more.

    Edit; Remember as teenagers when my friend's dad was extra cranky during his bout of hemorrhoids....now I know why, fawk, ouch my ass!
    Lovin' my Wabi Cycles fixed gear! :)

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    Ive never had one but the ex did. She named it after me. 😯

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    Quote Originally Posted by MXL View Post
    Ive never had one but the ex did. She named it after me. 

    ur ex eh, ? ...
    Valium could have helped that bash...

    Rode her Bianchi way across the U.S.A.
    Plucked her eyebrows on the way
    Shaved her legs and then he was a she

    And the African American girls said Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo dooDoo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo do

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    From a guy who literally had a new arsehole installed surgically at 35: If you are eating well, getting fluids and not straining to produce blocky tuff stools, it's likely your roids are caused by your wonky f-up bike it. Fix your fit and start sitting on the correct part of the saddle. Sitting on the wrong part of the saddle (the narrow front part) puts immense pressure on these areas. In the interim:

    Dissolve one dose of Miralax and one dose of Metamucil in a cup of water. Drink entire glass - quickly, the longer you wait the more gel like the stuff becomes - you will be doing this three times a day. This is what my colorectal surgeon had me on to calm symptoms quickly. This is not a violent clean out or anything like that. It helps to remove pressure from veins by keeping area empty and soft. In a few days go down two doses per day, go to 3/4 dose of Miralax with each cup. Wean off after two weeks or do an evening maintenance dose every other day or so.

    PrepH is cute, but does nothing. Go to any PcP and ask for Anusol HC-1% creme, stuff that actually shrinks with active ingredients. Best part is you can keep this at home for later...great to have around.

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