Hit my magic mileage this week.
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    Hit my magic mileage this week.

    Being that I got off to a slow start because of an above average snowy winter and losing my drive to cycle indoors by late January. I didn't have the base miles that I like going into the year as in past years. I was able to start racking up the miles the last two months and this week I went over 3000 miles. Not a big mileage total but for me it seems like once I get that mileage in my legs they really start feeling stronger. They are really in the mood to play on all the hills in the region, and ready to hit it on the flats. Now I'm really looking forward to do my annual cut the state in half x2 in August.


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    I could have written the exact same post! I got 800 miles in June and will get that or more in July. I'll be happy with 5,000 on the year, which suddenly seems inevitable.

    Just as as I got to ~3,000 I began to feel that I was game for anything. 70 miles with some climbing? Sure! 3,000 vertical feet on Tuesday morning? Why not? Full disclosure, there were a couple' bonks along the way, but I'm feeling pretty frisky right now.

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    Me too. I'll make 3000 by the end of next week (2843 as of today). For me, that's better than average. We had a warm, snowless winter here in DC and I got 700 miles in over January and February -- pretty rare. The last time I had decent winter mileage was 2012. Buying that big @ss snowblower in 2016 really paid off!

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