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    So I went for a little training ride last evening. I figured I just do a little 25 mile around White Rock Lake here in Dallas. I was a bit late getting there so I quickly unloaded the 5200 and proceede dot air up the tires to 100 lbs. BAM!!! the back tire blew. "Damn", I thought. Do I changed the back tube and started airing it up. BAM!!! there it went again. "Awh man, am I ever gonna get out of here?" Finally my third and last tube held. I was on the road. Now there was a pretty stiff breeze blowing so riding was difficult. It must have been gusting upto 30 mph (warning poetic liceSo I went for a little training ride last evening. I figured I just do a little 25 mile around White Rock Lake here in Dallas. I was a bit late getting there so I quickly unloaded the 5200 and proceeded to air up the tires to 110 lbs. BAM!!! the back tire blew.

    "Damn", I thought.

    I quickly pulled the back wheel off and changed the tube. I started airing it up. BAM!!! there it went again.

    "Awh man, am I ever gonna get out of here?"

    My third and last tube later I was finally on the road. Now there was a pretty stiff breeze blowing so riding was difficult. It must have been gusting up to 30 mph (warning poetic license being taken) I found it very difficult to ride and was out of breath by mile 3. I kept chugging away, digging my way through the inevitable gust. Every stroke felt harder than the last. I saw what looked to be a rider of my own skill level ahead and decided to pace with him. He just got farther and farther away. By the halfway mark of my ride I had been passed by men, women and was ready to give in.

    "What is going on?" I thought. "Am I really this hung over from my ride on Saturday? Surely not but it is apparent I'm tired as a dog."

    Suddenly I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I turned North and the wind was at my back.

    “Now I’ve got the advantage.” I mused

    I started cranking and I felt like I was going 200 mph. Everything was going smooth then I heard it. It was the unmistakable sound of knobby tires on pavement.

    “It can’t be.” But it was.

    A mountain bike passed me. I quickly looked at my onboard computer and was shocked! 18.5 mph and this was with a 20 mph tail wind. I glance down at my tires to make sure nothing was dragging and everything looked good. I dug in and chalked this horrifying ride up to fatigue and panted the last 10 miles back to my car.

    When I arrived I nearly fell of my bike. I was spent. "25 miles! 93 minutes! How can this be?!" "What did I eat this morning? Did I drink last night? My God I'm attempting my first century in less than a week and I can't ride a quarter that!"

    I begrudgingly headed for the car. I took two steps across the soccer field that separated me from the 4 Runner and was stopped dead in my tracks. I immediately knew my disappointing performance had very little to do with me. Nor did the wind, my diet, Saturdays ride or anything else I had thought of. It seems when I removed my wheel to replace the tube I had accidentally knocked my rear brake out of alignment. It was rubbing. I don’t mean just slightly. It was rubbing so bad that over grass with out my weight on it the back tire was skidding.

    When I got home I drank a beer ate a piece of chicken and fell asleep on the couch. I have never been so tired.

    Lesson learned. From now on everything gets checked before I hit the road!!!!!!


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    Just out of curiosity-are you one of the poor SOB's that bought a bunch of those Performance brand lightweight tubes??
    We are the 801
    We are the central shaft

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    Where I work we have the World's Dumbest Man Award for just such occasions. I love hearing that such things happen to others; make me feel less all alone

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    My distinction is

    being known for riding the farthest with a flat while whining to my partners that "something doesn't feel right". I rode more than 1/4 mile like that. Boy did I feel stupid.
    Last spring I had a double (front and rear) snake bite. I wonder how many can claim that? ;)

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    Talking Life is like that sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by tencast
    (Story deleted for brevity)
    Don't feel bad.

    Recently I had my bike checked over immediately prior to a triathlon.
    The bike shop was very busy that day and got the bike back the next day.

    Instead of looking at it I just took the bike and brought it home and did
    the triathlon. I did the triathlon at the fastest average speed I did all
    season but for some reason I felt like I was struggling more than I
    normally would. My heart rate monitor registered the highest plausible
    heart rate I'd ever seen during the course of the triathlon but I figured
    since I was going flat out this was normal.

    The following five rides were much slower than usual, in fact, my average
    speed for those five rides were so low as to be embarassing. I thought I was
    still whooped from the Triathon which I'd never really done a tri before.

    Finally about 12 days after the triathlon I decide to do a solo century.
    It was a windy day, I headed about 40 miles out and seemed to be doing
    okay but my average speed again was below my usual average.

    I just figured that I probably had overtrained for the tri and was
    going to do the century anyway.

    I was getting into my final 30 miles and was really fighting to stay
    going but felt okay otherwise. I knew something was wrong when
    it started getting to well past the seventh hour and I was still not
    at the end.

    Finally at mile 97 the sun went below the horizon and the winds
    dropped considerably and I kept hearing this sound. FOOF FOOF.
    (pause). FOOF FOOF. (pause). FOOF FOOF. This sound was
    masked by the wind, crowd noise during the tri and other people I was
    riding with. I just didn't see it and didn't check.

    (HUH?) I stopped the bike and looked at my front brake shoe: in
    their hurry to get me the bike, the bike shop had my front brake
    extremely close to the rim.

    The front tire had been placed in the drops just a tiny bit askew
    (probably was installed upside down as opposed to on the ground)
    and the rim was rubbing.

    The shop had a lot of extra summer help to deal with the influx
    of summer cyclists and they may have had some people who
    weren't as good as their usual staff.

    ARRRRRGH! I'd ridden the better part of 185 miles with my
    front brake rubbing the damn rim of the wheel!

    After this I reoriented the wheel and rode the remaining three
    miles like I was shot out of a cannon.

    Okay, so I was an idiot and was unobservant. I've since gotten
    a bike maintenance book and learned to check out the basic
    stuff myself.

    The REALLY dumb thing? This was my first solo century I was on?

    I did a group century with some friends in the early 1990s on a
    borrowed bike where the rear brake shoe was locked stuck. This
    girl we knew rode it and I gallantly gave her my bike at mile 20 or
    such and she rode back since she bonked riding 20 miles with a
    closed brake rubbing both sides of the rim. After riding 20 miles
    with this I got out a toolkit and REMOVED the rear brake shoe
    altogether but the damage was done.

    Third century I do the bike will be in much better shape. This I can
    assure you, heh.

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