Ideale 39 saddle...anyone using one?
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    Ideale 39 saddle...anyone using one?

    I found an old 10 speed bike laying on the curb the other day, someone had just put it out for garbage pick up. Unfortunately it is not a great find, just an old Apollo made of Hi-tensile steel, but it looks like it has been ridden about 3 times around the block and that's it!

    The best part was that it had a brand new Ideale 39 saddle on it (as well as Suntour ratchet barends and Cyclone derailleurs?). I've never used a "real" leather saddle before, but always lusted for a Brooks. I'm currently using a Fizik Arionne and an old Turbo, and have no complaints.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Ideales, as to how they compare to a Brooks? I'm tempted to try it, but it's also brand new, so if I'm going to sell it, probably better not to ride it either...

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    I used to ride Ideale 90s back it the day. I liked them much better than Brooks. They were comparably priced, and very comfy. I'm not familiar with the 39 model you have. Ideale is, as far as I know,is out of business. They were a French company.

    Sun tour derailleurs were excellent pieces in their day. I had them on some of my bikes in the early to mid 70s. As I recall the rear derailleur was a short cage model with very quick shifts. I've never been a bar end shifter fan. Lots of people loved them, but i wasn't one of them.
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