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    Quote Originally Posted by 9W9W View Post
    I may have to go with another Giro, but I am really lusting after a POC.
    I looked into POCs and damn those are nice. Really like the design. To my surprise POC Octal Raceday in size L fit my head, although just barely. The same problem as with other helmets... huge gaps between the helmet and my temples. To prevent rocking I had to tighten it so much that my forehead had big red marks after 2 minutes. Too bad. But if nothing else, I might go get Octal and glue thick foam pieces inside.

    Super cool looking helmet!

    The guy at the shop told me to try Lazer 02 and Lazer Blade (they don't carry the brand). He thinks those are narrower than most and XL should be quite large.

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    I wish there was a helmet database that showed the width and length dimensions of helmets so you could actually tell if the helmet is 'oval' or not.

    Anyway, in my long search for a decent long/oval helmet, I'm currently using a Gyro Synthe that I got on eBay for a reasonable price. It's not bad, as long as I don't wear a sweatband or anything under it that increases the diameter of my noggin. The Synthe has an internal plastic "web" that wraps around your noggin.

    As per a previous poster, I have an old LAS helmet that is comfortable because it seems to sit higher on my head. However, LAS helmets aren't that easy to find and they aren't cheap.

    I just sold a nearly new Lazer Z1 helmet that I thought looked great, but certainly wasn't oval and gave me a headache at the front.

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    I just ended up picking up a Giro Savant XL Mips for my big melon. Fits quite well. Coming over from a Bell Ghisallo.

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    and I picked up a POC Octal Raceday. This helmet fits closest to my outgoing Giro Aeon. It definitely is oval and quite comfortable, there's a little of what the prior poster was talking about, gaps on sides, but unless you are going custom, gaps are just a fact with most helmets, and I'm not sure all that detrimental. The POC is comfy as all get out, it fits my giant round head and is just long enough to fit me front to end.

    The Specialized Prevail in comparison is much more oval than round, and much cheaper looking and feeling.
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