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    Kurt Kinetic with NetAthlon software?

    Has anyone tried this?

    I've reached the point in my life that with work and kids most of my training is indoor, but it is getting old fast. I've tried Spinervals/Tour de France DVDs, but I've found them to repetitive (God bless Troy Jacobson, but I can't stand to hear his voice any more!).

    This seems to be a nice addition to my Kinetic trainer, but I'm a bit gun shy about dropping $200.00 on this without any feedback. I've searched to web, but I can't really find anything that tells me anything other than the basics.

    As usual, thank you for your input.

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    This is there new web site

    I looked into this when they were still at version 1 and found it to be a bit lacking in graphics. After checking out the site version 2 looks much better, I like the fact that you can go up against other people.

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    Impulse Athletic Coaching
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    Hey, sweet! Let us know how it works.

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    On a Kurt Kinetic, you would not have active resistance changes. In other words, as you reach a hill on the graphics, you would not get an increase in load to simulate climbing the hill. So you do get cool graphics and can add pacers but on a KK it won't actually be like riding up/down hills. You can simulate by shifting to higher gear for a hill but you then climb at an unrealistic rate.

    That being said, on the KK, you could save previous performances and ride against yourself or other KK riders with NA. The critical part to this is to try and use the same tire pressure and press on force each time you ride. This would give you something to chase/benchmark yourself and helps passes the time at a whole cheaper cost than a computrainer or other system.

    I have NA and a computrainer. For what it is worth, I usually ride the computrainer in erg mode where I don't have any fancy graphics - just text boxes with watts, HR, cadence, etc. Of course, the TV is usually playing a DVD of TdF or other bike racing and the stereo is cranking tunes.

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    I use Netathlon with a Kettler Ergoracer. The software continuously controls the resistance to simulate hills, drafting etc., and one can change gears with a joystick. This makes it much better than a typical exercise bike experience with step changes in resistance.

    I had some issues with the Ergoracer not being very Ergo-nomic, but I think that they have addressed it with their new model --- if you can afford it. You can use your previous rides as rabbits, which makes more sense than the rabbits that use a kind of artificial intelligence to pass you all the time the drop back. I tend to watch the grade line, since it tells me where the hills are, but I don't really look at the scenery or the rabbits. (I also found it easier to ride as a 110lb woman, but had to stop since I was curiously aroused at the sight of my own image on the bike. )

    Overall, I find the software to be good value for money and it really enhances the Kettler experience. As another poster points out, if there is no external control of the resistance on your trainer, it would be much less worthwhile.

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    Gormandizer - I used to have a plain spin bike (don't like turbo trainers - not stable enough if you're standing up) but I just bought one of the new Ergoracers, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm very keen to see how it works out - I'll let you know if they've made it more 'Ergo-nomic.'

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