Long Cage vs Short Cage Derailleur
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    Long Cage vs Short Cage Derailleur

    I am building a new bike and I am using a 39/50 double crank and I want to use a 11-28 sram cassette and a Shimano America Ultegra SL RD-6600-G Rear shorter cage Derailleur. Benefits of a shorter cage length from what I have been able to find :

    - Snappier shifts
    - better chain tension
    - less chain slap / greatly decreased drive train noise (!)
    - Better obstruction clearance / improved spoke clearance.
    - Slight weight loss -- but you gotta be a real weight weenie to appreciate this one.

    The problem is, I read in some areas that this short cage derailleur biggest gear support is a 29T and then I read that the biggest is a 27T. Im getting mixed info on this.

    My question is, have anyone of you guys used a cassette with a 28T gear on it with a short cage Shimano derailleur? If so, any shifting problems on the 28T?

    Thanks in advance !

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    each der will have a capacity listed in its instructions or on their website. there is a calculation to determine the capacity of your drivetrain:
    [big chainring - small chainring] + [Largest rear cog - smallest cog] = capacity

    you can be a bit off and still do okay. the problems come up when you are running smallest chainring and smallest cog - thats where cage length matters (it takes up excess slack).

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    you might be disappointed in the benefits you list... it's more about chain wrap capacities, both long & short have published specs of 27t max. whether you can get away w/ 28? well, there is always the fudge factor, will prob work, but may not be the smoothest- whether it would be noticable is another thing

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    I think it may be better just to get a "medium/long" cage and not worry about it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by slyjackson
    I think it may be better just to get a "medium/long" cage and not worry about it..
    AgreeŚmost of the so-called advantages of short-cage derailleurs reside only in the mind of the beholder, especially the one about snappier shifts.

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