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    Thumbs up model of customer service

    A few weeks back I reported in the Fixed Gear forum ( ) about a fixed gear cog that shattered while I was riding. I also reported this in another fixed gear forum on the web.

    A few days later, the manufacturer, Euro Asia Imports, contacted me by email and offered to send me a new cog (even a different size I requested) if I would return the broken parts for testing. They also offered to throw in a $53 top of the line track chain (Izumi Model V, if you are interested: ); I received both by overnight fedex. Pretty cool. My bet is that the retailer this time, Harris Cyclery/Sheldon Brown contacted EAI to contact me, but that is amazing, too (Sheldon's remarks: I never even made a warranty request.

    I had never even heard of a manufacturer or retailer unsolicited (at least by the customer) offering to replace something under warranty, plus throw in something costing twice the cost of the part at issue, especially where there were no claims of personal injury, etc.

    I sent in the parts I found, and expect to hear something on the hardness testing.

    Wow, if all manufacturers and retailers could give this level of service. Amazing.

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    They probably didn't want to take chances...

    ...after learning from the forums that you're a lawyer....

    But, we'll give them the benefit of the doubt (and their props) and praise them for their outstanding performance, and lament that almost no one else would make that effort.

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