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    More Ankle!

    After weeks of riding alone and wishing I had some people to attack the hills with, one of the girls at the LBS happened to be getting off just as I was arriving for a gel. so off we went. We did "the" hill in Bloomington, Boltinghouse, it was tough but I made it with no stops. Burned my legs up something fierce though, she made a comment however, and it was funny she did as it had been on my mind. While doing a 3 mile mild climb she was behind me and commented "More Ankle" hummm good point, when I do that I can really get some more power. Someone posted a link to that M.L. team and the guy made a comment about using your ankles to use the full skeletal power, then to bring it back in the up swing. I do notice that I feel on my toes at times, I am just having trouble getting that ankle bent. Do you guys have any tips to help with this other than just isolating it? I am starting to gain strenth and speed on these climbs so now instead of being "Oh my god how do I get up this" its now "ok I want to get up this faster". I started lifting again (only legs) and that is helping with the sheer power aspect of things, my main focus however is cardio (repetititon) and being a bit more efficient with my new found power. I am going for a 50 mile ride this weekend at a medium pace and hope to really focus on my stroke, I feel great all around but at the bottom I really feel that need to bend my ankle more.


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    Heels down

    Standard coaching advice for improving your power stroke is to think about keeping your heels down. Another is to think about scraping mud off the bottom of your shoe (same as heels down with a little bit of pulling toward the back). This latter exercise can realisticly only be done at lower cadences. Heels down works all the time.

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    Seat height?

    Pointing your toes slightly increases your effective leg length. You may need to drop your saddle a little bit to comfortably reach the bottom of your pedal stroke with your heel down. The riding position that's evolved on my fixie has the seat 6 mm closer to the top of the pedal than on my shifties. This may be effected by clips and straps vs Looks, but I definitely drop me heel more riding fixed.
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    I would think that maybe she was saying "more than ankle"... She wanted to see more of you. :-) It was coaching, criticism or commentary on your form, it was a proposition.


    Course, maybe it only works that way in the world I live in. ;)

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