Multi-Release Cleats vs Non Multi-Release Cleats
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    Multi-Release Cleats vs Non Multi-Release Cleats

    On my road bike i have multi-release cleats. I am quite satisfied with them.
    I now want to install new pedals on my mountain bike.
    I am considering the Performance brand Campus pedals. It can be used either with or without cleats. I contacted Performance Tech today and was told that regular Shimano cleats would work better with these pedals than the Multi-Release ones.
    My question is. How different will these cleats function in respect to exiting than the multi-release ones?


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    SM51/52 vs 55

    the 55 series is designed to allow release either by twisting the foot inboard, upwards or heel-out. The directions with the pedals describe disengagement in "any direction"

    51/52 only disengage with heel-out.

    am not sure why Perf Tech would reccomned the 51/52 series, but have found that some knock-off spd pedals do not work well with actuall Shimano cleats in either series.
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    To generalize...the multi release cleats are more of a "first time user" solution or for a more timid rider as you can get out in multiple directions...the down side is that as you become a better rider you sometimes come out when you don't want to. The single release cleats are more for someone who is confident in their skills at getting out of the pedals when the time comes to exit. BTW...all of us have had the unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing experience of clipping out on the wrong side...or just clipping out too slowly and ending up in a slow motion falling over and imitating a turtle with the bike pointed wrong side up and our feet still clipped in...often at a stop sign with your buddies watching.

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