… after thinking about some recent threads, I decided to share my "DREAM BIKE".

I can't recall the exact year but it must have been mid 90's, I came across a Cannondale R2.8 (nearly identical to later CAAD3) frame, and lusted.

I'd recently purchased an entry level R600 (with the abovementioned CAAD3 frame & mostly RSX components) but lusted for something "snappy".

So, I decided to build, over time, a dream machine.

R2.8 frame
Chris King headset (1')
Kestrel EMS fork (an anchor by today's standards)
Mavic CXP30 wheelset (Ohhhhh, aero ish)
Syncros seatpost
Syncros quill stem
Selle Italia saddle
Ultegra 9 gruppo (new fangled then)
Shimano Spuds (to keep with my MTB bikes)

It still hangs in the basement and is still worthy of a call to duty. I rode the hell outta this bike until... I decided to build my "DREAM BIKE" around this frame.

… and a quick reminder (not too much has changed since this photo... except the basement flooded TWICE)…