My Sport Training fitness tracking program.. recommended?
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    My Sport Training fitness tracking program.. recommended?

    Im about to purchase the Polar S-720i Heartrate monitor/cycle puter and was looking at some fitness tracking programs i could use with it.

    The MySportTraining program ( says that the following Polar models are supported:

    "models supported: S410, S510, S610 and S610i, S710 and S710i, S810 and S810i"

    It doesnt mention the S720i, does anyone have experience with this program or know if its compatible with the S720i Polar?

    Are there perhaps other better programs out there to use with the cycle puter instead?

    Thx in advance!

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    The software will work with your HRM

    I have a 720i and it works with MySportTraining. Honestly, if you don't use a PDA to log other activities\diet and you're only worried about tracking your cycling data, then I wouldn't bother with MySportTraining. The software that comes with the Polar is pretty good. MySportTraining is useful for tracking body weight changes or logging strength workouts, etc. Also, the PDA version lets you log what food you eat and you can correlate calories with your workout data.

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