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    Smile Newbie question

    I have recently made the decision to train for my first Triathlon next year and in talking to family members was given a Trek 4300 mountain bike to assist with my training. Granted its not a road bike but from everything I have been told and reading at my current beginner level seat time is the most important thing and not as much bike style.

    The problem is the frame is a 17 1/2 in frame and is a bit small for me (per Trek someone of my height should be on a 19"-21" frame). The bike feels a bit small but is rideable for me. I will have to replace the tires/tubes since the knobbies suck on the pavement.

    My main concern would be can I adjust the seatpost and bars higher to maybe make it a bit more comfortable for someone of my size or should I just forget it due to the size and just buy a used starter Bike from a local shop that would be the correct size for me?

    After he family member made a big deal out of being able to help me out with giving me the bike I kind of feel bad about not using it but I dont want to use something that could be more of a hassle then its worth.

    Thanks for any help you all can be on this.


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    Sorry I disagree, you need a road bike. Full stop.

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    It doesn't sound like you have a functional bike as is, despite any enthusiasm of the lender. Is this a sprint tri? You have such a long training time? For sure people use penny farthings etc for sprint triathlons but you still want one that is close to fitting. You must have a friend nearer to your stats that has something in their garage? If you are using this as a springboard for fitness and the bike is going to play a decent part in that, then you should get a real bike. I personally don't think you need a road bike for a sprint tri if this is just a one off thing. Go and watch a local sprint tri for beginners to see. If by chance your long training time means you are doing an Olympic or longer then go and get a decent bike.

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    mikey is right, you need to get the right equipment if you are going to compete. That doesn't mean spending thousands of dollars but you need the right size bike and a Road Bike. Occasionally take out the Mountain Bike but do your training on a Road Bike. You will not be able to stay with anyone on a Mountain Bike in a Triathlon, riders will be blowing by you. If your family has your best interests at heart, they will understand.

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    I would offer this: Make immediate necessary adjustments in order to make yourself more comfortable on the mountain bike, and use it for a couple of weekends or so. Next, have someone take a few pictures of you actually riding on and posed next to the mountain bike, while you're smiling and looking happy. Finally, write a thank you letter, or a letter of appreciation to the responsible family member(s), and include the related pictures. Meanwhile, plan on purchasing a legitimate road bike for triathlon training. If cash is limited, only spend it on your actual triathlon training bike (the road bike)....Good Luck!
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