Nicole it true???
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    Nicole it true???

    I was just looking around cyclingnews and found this article about her. According to the article she had this monstrosity you see below permanently tatooed to her mug. This has to be a joke. She looks like Brandon Lee from "The Crow". It never really lets on, but no way does a pro cyclist do this and keep her contract.

    Cyclists really need to learn a little Rule #5.

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    maybe BASIS FACIAL CLEANSING will do the trick....

    ....or not?

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    she's so poking fun at david

    okay read this from velonews

    "Clinger explained that he had the tattoo done in late January over a 12-hour session in Argentina, his fiancée's homeland. Asked if he expected to get this type of reaction from his new team, Clinger replied, "I knew it would be controversial, but I kind of just did it... I needed it, and wanted it."

    Clinger described the tattoo as a "Polynesian face mask," using Maori symbols. He explained it was something he'd considered for about two years.

    "I have a lot of respect for the Polynesian lifestyle and culture," he said. "They are very peaceful and welcoming, and I admire the way they protect their land, the way they use it and they don't just lay concrete over it. They live in modest homes. I've always been interested in their lifestyle."

    Clinger said he hadn't ever visited Polynesian communities, but had "seen documentaries, read a couple of books, and read a book on what the Maori symbols mean. I'm so competitive, racing bikes year after year, I felt it falls in line with being a warrior."

    and now this in her bio and if you read the facts part on all the team you'll see how big of a sense of humor someone has.

    after thinking about it for 2+ solid years, nicole decided to get a full-facial tattoo that combined the markings of several species of tropical saltwater fish: the mahogany snapper, the queen angelfish, and the queen triggerfish (pictured below). although nicole finds she is frequently asked why she got a permanent FACE MASK that makes children explode into tears when she puts on helmet safety clinics at schools, she says the decision was easy: because of her love and respect for saltwater fish.

    says nicole, "tropical saltwater fish are beautiful creatures and they roam underwater in complete tranquility - they are at one with their oceanic environment." nicole further notes that "racing a criterium is a lot like swimming around a saltwater reef waiting for a great white shark to attack...and then at the last second swimming out of the way quickly so one of your teammates can be swallowed up instead." for nicole, the nexus between her tattoo and winning races will be a significant motivating factor this season - not only for herself, but for her teammates and sponsors as well.

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    That photo is definitely photoshoped and not very well. Blow up the picture and you will see it is very fuzzy around the edges

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    Not real people...

    Quote Originally Posted by walrus
    That photo is definitely photoshoped and not very well. Blow up the picture and you will see it is very fuzzy around the edges
    Not real, as someone else said before. She's making fun of David Clinger's real full facial tatoo and the fallout he experienced from that.

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    Nicole's pretty funny...........

    If you look at the rest of the team's site you can see the traces of this sense of humor everywhere. VeloNews picked up on this right away and initially posted links to this site from their 'Letters' section. I personally think she (or whoever created this) knocked it out of the park! Pure genius. I like the part about "racing a criterium is like..." I'll be cheering for this team at every race I see them in!!

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    I am in utter disbelief in you people on this board that didn't see this as a joke the instant you saw it.

    No offense but a few of you need to "discover" a sense of humor. No wonder people get so bent out of shape about the silly things we discuss on this board.
    "Words are a heavy thing...they weigh you down. If birds talked, they couldn't fly." Sy Rosen and Christian Williams, Northern Exposure, On Your Own, 1992

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    dude, she's hot.
    One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know.

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    Something Fishy about that photo...

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    What about Alisha?

    She is from Holly Springs.
    I ride right through there sometimes.
    She hasn't passed me yet!
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