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    Quote Originally Posted by aclinjury View Post
    Is there a saddle out there that has these qualities:

    1. a very narrow nose
    2. a dramatic transition between the nose and the part where you actually sits on, i.e., this part is where your thighs would come down.

    So far, the seat that I've found close to having the above characteristics is the Selle Italia SLR/SLS monolink version. Their traditional "rails" version (where there are 2 rails) is not as good for me since my thighs still rub against the rails too.

    anyone additinal options out there for me?
    Check out Selle Italia Super flow - it might be what you want. The relief looks wider than the PRO model but still has the typical narrow front. Another option (which I use) if you like to ride on the nose is the Cobb Randee - its a bit wider but has the very large cut out similar to the super flow but has relief all the way to the nose by way of a channel at the tip. I've used both with much success for endurance saddles and have had issues with soft tissue pressure on pretty much everything including the Romin. The Cobb Randee is narrower than the ISM saddles which proved to be too wide for me. Cobb has a 90 day return policy too.
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    Lot's of things to consider about the shape of your seat. There is a lot more to it than just width, length, padding and whether or not there is a center slot.

    Understanding the role that saddle curvature played was a revelation for me.

    My SLR Gel Flow was a little too narrow for me, so I tried the Specialized Power saddle. To my eye, it looked like a great solution. A wider platform with a wide channel, and short nose. Unfortunately, it still caused some soreness in the thigh crease and along the edges of the center channel.

    The Shimano Pro Stealth (Wide) has a wide platform, long wide channel, and very little curve. This ended up being perfect for my needs.

    Here are some images (links to the owners included) that might help visualize

    Choosing Your Cycling Saddle - Mark Tosques

    Saddles Part 1 - BACKGROUND - Bike Test Reviews

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    Of my God! Now I have to have my pelvis removed the check for saddle fit!

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    I recently replaced a classic Flite with a Shimano Pro Falcon Ti Flow saddle and for me it seemed to be a seamless replacement (I was not having a problem with the Flite, had never tried a flow saddle, and I am not having any issues with the Pro).

    It may help others to know that Pro makes these saddles in 3 models for shape (flat, rounded, in between) and in several widths (I know of at least 132mm and 142mm).

    Their Griffon is the "rounded" model, the Falcon is the "flat" model, while the Turnix is the "in between" model. Additionally, most of these saddles have choices of Ti or carbon rails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
    Of my God! Now I have to have my pelvis removed the check for saddle fit!
    Relax. A good shop will grind off the rough spots, clean it, and polish it for you before they put it back where it belongs. You'll gain a couple of watts even if you don't buy a new seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMsRepBike View Post
    The pictured saddle is a "snub nose" saddle where the tip of the nose is missing.

    It's shorter than normal and the nose is wider than normal and designed to be used.

    I know it sounds hard to imagine, but the front of this saddle is actually supposed to be sat on, and it's actually comfortable to do so.

    The back comes in 142 and 152 widths.
    Thanks. FWIW, the Spesh Power nose also truncated, rode too wide for me so flipped it.

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    25,000 miles with no pain, no chamois, no goop, in a nylon swim suit.
    Looks funny but works fine. Theft deturrent too.

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    Not surprised at all to see Specialized saddles reported in the article. I'm currently using a 2018 Fizik antares r3 and it's the only saddle I've tried that gets close to the Specialized Toupe'.

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    I was on an S-Works Power for a while, but have now become an ISM PN 3.0 convert. Since I ride at a pretty low back angle of 37%, my pelvis is rotated forward and I sit on a much narrower part of my sitbones called the pubic rami. About 90% of the time I am sitting on the forked stub nose of the saddle, but a wider flared part in the back is still there for the rare occasions where I am sitting up and cycling at a casual pace.

    If you've switched to something like a Pro Stealth or S-Works Power and are looking for even more relief, ISM may be an option. Also anyone with an aggressive hip/pelvic rotation should try tilting their saddle down 2-3 degrees.

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    Been riding the Pro Stealth on my road bike for a while from the Romin (not the Evo). I had the Power on my TT bike but, the nose was far too narrow. The Stealth with the wider nose and a touch more padding up front is way more comfortable for my style of riding and is a great replacement for the Romin. Fore/aft set up (as always) is critical...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Migen21 View Post
    I tried this but found that it had more of a curve (arch? i.e the wings drop down more than the others) than the Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow or the PRO Stealth. I had some soreness in the thigh crease as a result.

    Of course as with all things fit related, YMMV.
    I have that saddle, and I am feeling the same thing on my left inner/back thigh/butt.

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