Is Pro Cycling Broken? re: Manzanao's Revelations.....

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    Is Pro Cycling Broken? re: Manzanao's Revelations.....

    Latest from

    Spanish ex-rofessional Jesus Manzano has continued to blow the whistle on the alleged doping practices within his former team, Kelme. In the second part of an in depth interview with Spanish sports newspaper AS, Manzano has gone into more detail about the use of illegal substances such as erythropoetin (EPO) and human growth hormone (HGH), with more to come.
    Read the rest of the article, plus the news from the day before for the whole story.

    What should happen? Is it really prevalent? Is this going to kill sponsorship dollars?

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    I'm amazed more people haven't chimed in on this one... The articles on Cycling News are pretty descriptive of the doping process these guys go through to beat the system. IMHO, it sounds like the slant of the Euro media is to come down on this guy as a bitter ex-pro; however, he seems to know WAY too much about the process to simply be making up vengeful accusations...

    Look at the stuff within the last several weeks...

    - Armstrong's recent backlash against WADA
    - Manzano's story
    - Sassone & Gaumont of Cofidis admitting drug use
    - First US bust of a rider using EPO

    Geeze... it's getting hard to imagine who is on the "juice" and who isn't... This looks pretty bad...
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    probably true, unfortunately

    My gut feeling is that we're probably looking at the tip of the iceberg. Do I think that every team has a systematic doping program? No. However, recent history has given us at least one example of a team where systematic doping was rampant (Festina-- am I forgetting any others?), so I wouldn't be surprised if others existed as well. My suspicion is that the majority of doping occurs in isolated pockets without team knowledge, but I could be all wrong. The techniques Manzano describes seem fairly foolproof, so I'm not surprised by the low number of positives returned throughout the year.

    In the case of Festina, one could argue that their fantastic results from 98 were so anomalous as to suggest that they had a big advantage over the rest of the peloton, and that the rest of the pack must not have been (as heavily) doped. Pure speculation on my part.

    You could also make the argument that Kelme's results over the years have been suspicious, in the sense that they are a small team which always seems to come up with big results out of keeping with their small budget. Why is it that they always seem to find the huge talents who never quite achieve the same level of glory after they've jumped ship to a new team? Aitor Gonzalez-- OK, he's a slacker. Heras-- though it wasn't fair to expect him to win the Vuelta every year he was with Postal, he never seemed to be as consistently explosive in the mountains as he was when he was a young rider (in terms of typical stage racer maturation) with Kelme. Botero-- WTF happened to him last year? Sevilla-- we'll see, now that he's with Phonak. Again, pure speculation based on a small number of riders. This may be a case of trying to make the data fit the hypothesis, but it makes for interesting discussion.

    BTW, any number of teams out there could be doping too, though we have no objective evidence. CSC? It's sad that a team can get dragged through the mud without any proof of wrongdoing, all because of one good race (Paris-Nice). Then again, if it looks too good to be true... Has everybody forgotten Riis' reputation? And come on, Bobby Julich on the podium of a 2.HC race? The last time he got any results, he was with Cofidis... I guess my general attitude regarding this whole issue is one which I often employ at work in the ICU-- guarded optimism. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

    my rant for the day. What think you?

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    And Kelme is punished....

    From CyclingNews today...

    "Following the disclosures made by the Spanish rider Jesus Manzano, the organisers of the Tour de France esteem that the element of doubt hanging over the matter no longer permits the formerly contemplated presence of the [Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme] team at the start of the next Tour de France," the statement read.

    Furthermore, based on its current understanding of the situation, Kelme is at present unwelcome at any of ASO's other events, which include major spring races such as the Critérium International, Paris-Roubaix, Flèche Wallonne, and Liège-Bastogne-Liège.


    The final stage of the Setmana Catalana did not start on time Friday, as the 112 remaining riders held a two minute protest on the start line against the words of ex-professional Jesus Manzano, who has this week lifted the lid on alleged doping practices within the peloton. The majority of the riders signed a petition protesting Manzano's claims, as well as asking the Professional Cyclists Association to "restore the dignity of cycling."

    If what Manzano knows is true and his knowledge of doping is widespread then, in a way, I hope he spills the beans on the whole peloton. This thing has to be straightened out. This isn't a "Kelme" problem it's a cycling problem, and WADA, UCI, and these other professional organizations are starting to look like fools... If I was Valverde I would be pissed off (assuming he's clean).
    "Cycling is like a church - many attend, but few understand." -- Jim Burlant

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    Unhappy Legalize !

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-O
    This isn't a "Kelme" problem it's a cycling problem, and WADA, UCI, and these other professional organizations are starting to look like fools... If I was Valverde I would be pissed off (assuming he's clean).
    It is not WADA problem - WADA itself is a problem. There is one and only one way to prevent cheating with doping - legalize doping. In this case we would have doping but would not have cheating. So problem will be at least half solved.

    BTW, speaking seriously, boundary betwwen doping and legal performance enchancer (like sport drinks, special drinks and food for recovery and so on seems to be very vague.

    Tkae a look on latest pair of arcticles concerning doping on velonews. It seems that there is a lot of space for misinterpratation of current rules, involuntary mistakes from rider side and voluntary desicions from controlling side.

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