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    Quote Originally Posted by Rnk_3 View Post
    That's the thing I have no idea where the pain is actually coming from. It is just a dull ache that feels like it is in the perineum but it isn't tender at all. There is no where that hurts to the touch.
    How about the urethra? Ever had a hard time peeing after a ride?

    The urologist should track down where the pain is coming from and diagnose the cause, which so far seems like the saddle was too high and it crushed and injured the soft tissue. I remember having a hard time peeing a few times; saddle too high or leaning forward like Superman. It felt like the urethra was flattened. The adjacent nerves would be numb for a day and I couldn't get it up.

    Other riders have had this problem from saddles being too high, leaning forward at the hips, not at the waist, or from sitting on the nose of the saddle. Then when they take all the weight off the perineum, sure enough, the soft tissue swells up and hurts, all the more when the legs are going up and down. Assume you got rid of that funky Rido R2 saddle, or aren't 100# overweight.

    If it didn't used to happen and was induced by the saddle being too high, its an injury that can heal. Don't assume you're screwed. It will heal if you take your vitamin C, drink plenty of liquids, and nurse it back to fitness. Aspirin works great, too, if you don't bleed easily. Aspirin thins the blood, enhances the flow, as well as dulls the pain.

    Just my opinion, after having these problems myself, and talking with many riders who raised their saddles too high, probably the most common mistake competitive guys make to get a little more power out of the stroke. One coach said the first thing he does in training camps is lower saddles.

    In the meantime see what the urologist finds. Fingering the prostate gland won't do it. It's right inside the anus wrapped around the urethra. Doc wouldn't feel anything amiss unless its enlarged. Then he'd do a CAT scan to see how much space it's taking up. I've been riding with an enlarged prostate for 10 years. Can't feel it. It shares space with the bladder and colon, both very elastic organs that expand when full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wetworks View Post
    It doesn't mask the pain for me as much as it relaxes the pelvic floor. I was also experiencing the dull aches you described and have since had them disappear for the most part. I do occasionally experience flare-ups, but they tend to be much shorter in duration than previous to Elavil.

    Not sure if it's been mentioned before or if you've come across it, but check into internal hemorrhoids as well. Anything that takes up extra real estate in that region is a problem.
    Go perscribed it yesterday. Starting at 10mg this week and up to 20mg next week.
    Had my first pill last night and didn’t really improve my sleep
    at all but didn’t really feel any more tired when I woke up.

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    Saddle height could be the culprit.

    During years I used my saddle too high, I did set it up where it felt “right” for pedalling, so where I felt my pedalling was more efficient.

    I had problems with pudendal nerve sindrome or sometimes numbness specially on mostly flat rides, because I spent most of the time on the saddle, on hilly rides I had to stand more often so I had less problems...
    But always I had on more or less intensity discomfort on the area after the rides.

    I then got better information about saddle height placement, particularly the inseam-10cm rule and the one pedalling with the heels.

    I found out that had been riding for so many years with a saddle 3 cm too high ! Incredible

    Lowered the saddle and the saddle problems magically disappeared
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