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    Quote Originally Posted by bmach View Post
    If you are sitting on the front of the saddle maybe try moving your saddle forward a bit to got more of the saddle on your sit bones
    A good suggestion. If you watch top riders, when they are on the rivet with flat back in the drops or hoods with deeply bent elbows, they are way on the nose of the saddle...but....they are laying down big watts translating to high pedal forces unweighting their body more than the amateur in the same position and they are generally lighter to begin with so the nose is more tolerable. If spending time with strong riders, the obvious observation is...a saddle is a perch and not a lazy body for a good rider because higher pedal forces and lower body weight puts less pressure on any saddle. Picking exactly the right saddle is less of a big deal for a fit rider with good technique than Joe average with more soft tissue underside.

    But do agree, if you live more on the nose of the saddle, makes sense to push it forward. PSI. With same weight, more surface area = less pressure. Basic physics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frdfandc View Post
    I'm currently using a Specialized Toupe Pro (carbon rails) on my road bike. Best saddle I've used. I may try the Specialized Power saddle if the Toupe starts to give me trouble.
    I am not a carbon rail guy but Specialized saddles are generally my choice and have ridden my share. Toupe is my go to saddle and they have changed the shape a bit over the years. Prev gen was a bit more sculpted and latest is flatter. I have one of each. Truthfully, I like a little of both. When I switch bikes I go, that feels pretty good. For me there is 'a lot' of adjustment to get the saddle in the right place fore/aft, height and tilt. A lot of tinkering but when its right, it is pretty dam good. Then its just about fitness. Tighter, lighter body equals less saddle woes.

    I was tempted by the Power and so had it try it. Didn't like it. I could ride it but prefer the Toupe. I also have owned a few Romins some pros ride. Can ride that too, but always find myself back on the Toupe.

    I am sure there is a better or a half a dozen saddles out there that would work even better than the Toupe which would be exposed on real long rides when just how good a saddle is, is exposed. I just haven't tried them. So many hours in a day and money in the bank.

    Because I am such a fan of Lennard Zinn, to me he is about as smart a cycling authority we have in the US today, I am pretty sure a custom saddle would work best from the company he used. If I struggled more with finding a saddle like he did in recent years, he is a very large man who developed an injury which affected his saddle comfort....I would no doubt enlist that company. Custom saddles provided the 'protocols to create and fit a saddle design matched to the specific anatomy of given rider' are comprehensively adhered to, custom makes a lot of sense. If the protocols to create a custom saddle are weak or non existent, then you may end up with a real misfit. Zinn really knows his stuff.

    As to most important factor, to me saddle width and sitbone support is no. 1.
    I have wider sitbones and so 155mm gives me the best support and still narrow enough with pelvis rotated forward in the drops. But taper from rear to nose of the saddle matters for pelvis tilt forward as well when riding slammed and not just rear width of the saddle. If these two metrics that is all that matters to create a comfortable 'custom' saddle, then it would be easy but we all know that is more to a saddle then these two very important metrics including radius and flex of the saddle sides as looking from the front of the bike as the thighs load the saddle.

    No.3 metric IMO is S curve or flatness in profile, and no. 4 is overall surface flex and even independently side flex which is a function of rider weight, thigh shape and size and even preference.

    Again, light, strong cyclists IMO can ride a greater variance of saddles MUCH more readily than less fit riders who weight a saddle like a recliner. A lot of saddles woes? Look inward and don't blame the saddle so much. Get fitter and weight a saddle less...less body weight and more pedal force. Nobody ever complains about a saddle when sprinting.
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    My all time favorite is the old Selle Italia Flite. My old one finally gave up the ghost, so I picked up another one on eBay.
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    Agree about the original Flite Ti. 100k in the saddle, no problem. 125 miles, still no problem. Still use one on my steel bike. Went through several in racing days and probably should have some of them recovered in leather.

    Also have been using a Shimano Pro Falcon saddle with Ti rails. What I like about their lineup is that they have 3 different radius shapes, then multiple widths within each model for sit bones.

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    Selle SMP Drakon. By far the best saddle I have used.

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    I see what you did there

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