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    "Real world advice for hemorrhoids?"

    Don't resurrect 13 year old threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teuthis View Post

    Plus, guaranteed no skidmarks on yer chamois.
    the $1 pack of flushable ones from the store are perfect and can easily be packed for most occasions
    If you don't follow the liberal flock, you are called a troll.

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    All the tips you see here in the forum are fine but there's a medicine that actually reduce the inflammation and i use it and have it always with me
    name here in Panama for the medicine is DAFLON.
    If you have the h already out take 2 pills every 8 hrs and you will get better very fast
    once you are ok reduce to 1 pill and them stop .

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    Invest in a bidet. When your hands are dirty do you just rub them with paper? A bidet sprays very warm water up there until you are clean and then you pat yourself dry. It is a wonderful experience.

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