Road Biking Germany
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    Road Biking Germany

    One of the best things about Europe is the cycling...both Road and Mtn Biking. There is an incredible system of paved pathways linking most of the towns and cities in Germany where you can ride without having to worry about traffic. The mountain bike trails are fun but not quite like singletrack back home as the German foresters do just too good of a job policing up the sticks, roots, and rocks that make cross country riding fun! Here are two pics of Heidelberg, where I live from atop the Konigstuhl (Throne) Mountain. The climb starts innocently enough winding through the narrow streets of Leimen and then just goes up up and away...7 miles and 1200 meters in elevation gain. We call this the lung crisper. Of course the downhill is fun....but if you are on the Road you have to be careful becuase all the Europeans think they were Formula One racers in a former life. This is my Trek 8000 mtn bike, it is a 2003. Great for wider fast "euro" singletrack.
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    Oh to be back there.....


    I left in Aug 2001, loved that place. Though there is some nice singletrack, there's not enough of it, but the roads are great around the area.

    One small point, the summit of the Konnigstuhl is approx 450 m high, that will be 1200 feet of ascent from Leimen.

    Going all nostalgic now, so I'm off to dream.


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