rusty nasty rear hub
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    rusty nasty rear hub

    about 2 months ago I was repacking my rear hub. that was the first time I have packed a hub. I wanted to make sure she was real clean inside so I rinsed it with water. Well I noticed the wheel was rolling a little rough today so I opened up the hub. On the free hub side all the grease turned a rusty brown color. It was a mess. cone is shot, bearings shot, I'm not sure about the actual hub body.
    I'm wandering how to tell if the rust is from the free hub body or not, the non free hub side is looking good. So what do I do?

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    The freehubs are usually pretty tolerant; I've rebuilt a number of hubs on old bikes that have been left out for long periods of time, and they're usually fine.
    Sounds like you may have left some water in the innards when you re-did the packing.

    Does the freehub rotate easily and engage positively? If so, it's probably OK. Only sure way to find out is to completely dissasemble the hub.

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