This is SAD and a little infuriating...
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    This is SAD and a little infuriating...

    A local canidate in Colorado was killed in a Triathalon thanks to a police officer who did not understand the physics of a moving bike:
    "LOVELAND - A neurologist and avid cyclist, who was also a candidate for state representative, died Monday morning in Loveland following a triathalon accident.

    Friends and colleagues of Joe Jabaily were gathered on the front lawn of the McKee Medical Center in Loveland for a prayer service when they got the news. Jabaily was a surgeon at the hospital. He was also being treated there.

    Jabaily collided with a car while riding his bicycle Sunday morning at County Rd. 9 and Highway 34.

    Police were controlling traffic at the intersection during the competition. The officer apparently thought Jabaily was far enough away to let the car pass through.

    Those who knew Jabaily said he was someone who truly cared about his community.

    They said he was running for office, hoping to help the uninsured.

    "I think it was really to help people," said Kevin Faaborg. "He was a doctor, helping people day to day, but he was also reading up on health care policy."

    Friends said Jabaily was very excited about running for public office and had signs out all over the city.

    They said he used to ride his bike to work every single day.

    He lived in Loveland for more than 20 years. He leaves behind his wife and their four children. A memorial service is planned for Friday.

    Stay SAFE out there!

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    Most folks don't understand...

    ... some of the nuances of how we see... and our brains process the information... such that it's not uncommon, especially in the non cycling community, to misjudge distance and speed...

    As wonderful as human sight... as incredible as the human brain... the eye needs to perceive a change in aspect ratio (which it does about 60 times per second... and while sounding fast... ain't) and the brain has to correctly interpret the change (object coming towards or away) to pull off this evolutionary miracle. This is why so many people report that "I saw the driver look right at me!!!" just before they're hit.

    If you glance at an object within that 60 cycle window, look away quickly and don't detect a change in aspect ratio (moving directly at you... or directly away is most common... but it can occur anywhere inside your field of vision) then your brain interprets said object as standing still! (cats "pounce" because their brains (among most others with stereoscopic vision) are making final "range to target" calculations... looking for that last change in aspect ratio to kill)... like the strobing effect of lightning after sun down.

    This goes both ways... and cyclists need to be cognizant that quick glances in traffic can yield similar and sometimes tragic results... causing some to dart into traffic that's moving faster than they perceived.

    Indeed, let's be careful... both on our bikes and in our cars.

    Condolences to friends and family of both the victim and the officer.

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