Schrodinger's Virus
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    Schrodinger's Virus

    We all have Schrodinger's Virus now.

    Because we cannot get tested, we can't know whether we have the virus or not.

    We have to act as if we have the virus so that we don't spread it to others.

    We have to act as if we've never had the virus because if we didn't have it, we're not immune.

    Therefore we both have and don't have the virus. Thus, Schrodinger's Virus.

    If you don't understand this joke, you're never allowed to talk about science again.

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    And if it turns out surviving the virus doesn't guarantee immunity to subsequent infection... the cat goes right back in the box again.
    Given his penchant for nicknames, and his aversion to reading, I've decided to shorten Donald J. Trump to it's essence: Dump*

    I was "social distancing" before it was cool.

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    Real quantum physics exam:

    Virial Theorem for one-dimensional potentials. [15 points]

    (a) Let ψ(x) be an energy eigenstate. Explain why the expectation value <[H, Ω]> of the commutator of H with an arbitrary operator Ω vanishes on the state ψ.

    (b) Choose Ω = xp, and take

    H = (p^2/2m) + V (x).

    Use the claim from part (a) to find a relation between the expectation value
    of the kinetic energy and the expectation value of a combination of x and the
    derivative V′(x) of the potential with respect to its argument. Both expectation
    values are taken on an energy eigenstate.

    (c) What does your result in (b) imply for the relation between and i for the case of the one-dimensional harmonic oscillator?
    I heard there's a whole graduate course on how to solve Schrodinger's equation.

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